Thursday, October 07, 2010

Logitech Revue: After All the Buzz, Will It Take Flight?

At a well-attended press conference Wednesday, Logitech showed off its Revue, the first in what will probably be a litany of Google-powered TV devices that will let you view content from the Web, broadcast and application sources on a simple TV interface.

Kevin Simon, Logitech
At $300, the Revue comes with a nifty thin wireless keyboard controller with a touch pad (held in the photo by Kevin Simon, director of product marketing for Logitech's digital home group) and runs on Google's Android operating system with Google's Chrome Web browser.

Also available is a sharp-looking, backlit mini controller ($130) or you can operate the Revue with your Android phone or iPhone once you've downloaded a free app from the Android Market or iTunes App Store.

Logitech Revue mini controller
At the press conference Junien Labrousse, Logitech's executive vice president for products, said the Revue would make it simple for TV viewers to find and watch their favorite programs no matter where the content came from.

"Imagine having all your favorite content at your fingertips," he said. "The magic with the Logitech Revue is that everything just works."

Preorders are being taken now but the unit won't arrive at Amazon and Best Buy until the end of the month.

So what are the details on the new Revue? See my piece at PC World.

Journalists jammed the Oct. 6 Logitech Revue press conference in New York.
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Justin Germino said...

I have been looking at the various Internet TV devices in PC World lately and this one has potential. In the end I probably would opt for a TV that has Google TV or Internet TV functionality built in to the LED TV itself rather than opt for a separate device. I only really care about Hulu, Netflix, GoogleTV and YouTube integration at this point.