Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Blogger Delivers Post Office to US Postal Service: No Kidding

Battery Park APC
New York's Battery Park self-service post office will soon gain its rightful place in cyberspace thanks to The Paper PC. You're welcome.

Soon you'll be able to surf to the US Postal Service website (www.usps.com), click on the post office locator and actually be able to find the Battery Park Automated Postal Center (APC) at 88 Greenwich St. in lower Manhattan. That's not the case right now.

Last week's Paper PC post pointed out that the USPS website didn't seem to know that the Battery Park APC was there. Even if you enter its exact address into the website's APC locator (see image), it directs you to an APC across town at One Peck Slip.

USPS.com APC locator
The Paper PC contacted the local media relations office of the US Postal Service and pointed out the problem. 

After a few more e-mails a friendly USPS rep now reports that a fix is on the way. 

"We found the issue with the Battery Park APC.  There was a glitch in assigning it in our data base. It is being worked on and will be corrected," wrote the USPS representative in an e-mail.

As of this posting the APC is still invisible to the website, but hopefully that will change soon. We hope. 

The moral: As they say in the New York subway system: If you see something, say something. 

Can you find your local post office or APC on the USPS website? Take a look. Yours may be missing in action too.

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