Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CES 2010: Parrot's AR.Drone Quadricopter Creates Buzz by Buzzing the Media

One of the stranger sights at last week's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a flying toy "quadricopter" which created quite a buzz by buzzing over the heads of wide-mouthed journalists at CES Unveiled, the first big press event of the week.

The AR.Drone, a four-engined flying toy built by Parrot, a company better known for its wireless speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, is outfitted with two wireless cameras and can be controlled with an iPhone or IPod Touch. It comes with two "augmented reality" (that's what the "A.R." stands for) video games which let you use the video feed from the cameras as part of a semi-real-life video game.

You can read my story on the A.R.Drone and watch my short video at PCWorld.

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